Frequently Asked Questions for Our Home Inspector

Are you certified?

Yes, I am certified by NACHI. As a member of the the International Association of Home Inspectors I have completed over 25 requirements and continue my education and pass an inspection exam every year.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do.

How long have you been inspecting homes?

I have been a home inspector for over 17 years and have completed close to 4,000 inspections.

Can I be at the inspection?

Of course, this is a great chance to learn about the report and ask any questions you may have.

Will you teach me about my house?

Yes, I will send a detailed inspection report and go over everything with you so you have all the facts and information you need. I will give honest feedback about the inspection and what I find.

Will you be available to answer my questions?

Definitely, I will make sure that all of your questions are answered or I will call you back with an answer. I strive to be as thorough as possible so you're comfortable with your home purchase. I will take as much time as you need for your inspections and I will not schedule back to back inspections to ensure all your questions can be answered.